Interview: Stephanie Kuehn, YA Author

SK_colorStephanie Kuehn holds degrees in linguistics and sport psychology, and is currently working toward a doctorate in clinical psychology. She lives in Northern California with her husband, their three children, and a joyful abundance of pets.

When she’s not writing, she’s running. Or reading. Or dreaming.

Her debut young adult novel, CHARM & STRANGE, will be published by St. Martin’s Press on 6.11.13. COMPLICIT will be published in 2014 (St. Martin’s Press).

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Let’s see how Stephanie answers the Proust Questionnaire!

What is your idea of happiness?
Making art with other people.

What is your favorite song? When do you first remember hearing it?
“Favela” by Antonio Carlos Jobim. I played bass in a longstanding jazz group back in the late nineties. I first heard (and played it) there.

Which talent would you most like to have?

On what occasion do you lie?
When I don’t feel safe.

What is your present state of mind?
Self doubting.

What is your motto?
Cynicism and righteousness are the enemies of peace.

What character trait do you most value in your friends?
Self-deprecating humor. I’d always rather laugh at myself before I laugh at others, and I like being with people who feel the same way.

CScoverWhich words or phrases do you most overuse?




I am losing my goddamn mind (or some variation of this).

Your favorite painting?
At a gallery in Fort Lauderdale, I once saw a giant oil painting of a gorilla holding a pug dog that was wearing a dress. I’ve never forgotten that, so there you go.

What is your favorite journey?
Putting my running shoes on and heading out the door.

What is your favorite time of day?
Late, late night or early, early morning.

With which literary hero or heroine would you most like to share a coffee?
Aloysius Pendergast.

What do you need to achieve before you can die happy?

Who or what is your first love?
A blue-merle collie dog named Remington Steele.

What’s the last dream you remember?
Renting an apartment by the beach in Connecticut. My husband and I thought it was perfect for some reason and we signed the lease, then realized we didn’t want to pack up and move.

What’s your madeleine?
Watching my children read the books that I read as a child. Trixie Belden. The Three Investigators. Terhune’s Sunnybank books. The Black Stallion series.

Without thinking, in one word: what is life?

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